Monday, 22 February 2010

Self-promotion Corner

I generally try to keep my music geek activities separate from my non-music geek stuff, but I'm going to break that rule for now since this here CD includes some of my own real music what I actually played on.

This album is a CD/R of cover versions of the legendary Japanese idol pop trio the Candies featuring 14 Japan-based underground artists. Track 6 is a cover of "Heart no Ace ga Detekonai" on which I played some very simple synth and which I flatter myself to suggest I "produced". The band goes by the name Trinitron, and it's possible to hear the song, along with Yamaco's far better cover of "Sono Ki ni Sasenaide" (if you ever wondered about the basis of the idol trio from Perfect Blue, just check out the linked video) on my label's Myspace.

As I said, it's only a private CD/R release, so if anyone's crazy enough to want it, your best bet's either directly from me or via Koenji's premier purveyor of weird, self-released avant-garde unusualness, Enban.

Valentine's Candies (CAR-91)
01. その気にさせないで / Yamaco
02. 春一番 / TE☆SY (From Cand☆es)
03. ハートのエースが出てこない / Umbrella-X
04. 春一番 / 春風堂
05. 年下の男の子 / cottonioo
06. ハートのエースが出てこない / Trinitron (N'toko+Ian Martin+friends)
07. あなたに夢中 / Puffy Shoes
08. 危い土曜日 / 地盤沈下
09. 二人だけの夜明け / うるせぇよ
10. 春9000 (「春一番」のカバー) / やまのいゆずる
11. A muk aihsa say (plaque translation therapy) (「やさしい悪魔」のカバー) - snip n` zener
12. 年下の男の子 / Jahiliyyah
13. 暑中お見舞い申し上げます / ruruxu/sinn
14. 微笑がえし / Killer Condors

OK, that's that done, and now back to the more comfortable business of writing about why everybody else is wrong.


Emily said...

... you had me at Candies. Am I high for actually wanting a copy of this? Well, I do, even though it violates my "never get things on CD" rule :)

And actually, I was thinking we should drink sometime soon since it's been a while with the whole freaking cold thing, me moving thing and 20V being gone thing.

dotdash said...

Heh heh, to paraphrase the old office wall poster, you don't have to be high to want this CD... but copious amounts of drugs definitely enhance the listening experience.

We should definitely catch up again soon for some boozing. I still haven't checked out Riot Cafe, that newish place that the guys from Saigon Terror opened, although I'm so piss poor lately that I can barely afford to get smashed once a week these days.

Emily said...

yeah, I'm in the same boat. But uh... damn, why have I blanked on his name... Mr. Riot, makes a great bartender and is pretty nice about the tab. And it's getting a little warmer so a few street beers aren't out of the question.

SHIZURU. there that was going to drive me nuts. Shizuru is a great bar owner. And has always treated me like a queen. ;P

Anonymous said...

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