Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Recommended reading on moé

Two excellent posts cutting to the bone of that mysterious beast that men call moé here and here. Very little for me to add here at this time, except to say that one should take anything that 3G otaku, however literate their writing appears, have to say about otaku culture with a big bag of salt. They are sociopathically sophisticated in the art of sef-delusion.


omo said...

that's a kind way to put it.

NSFW link by the way, viewer beware.

dotdash said...

If people are spending their work time expanding their minds via those two articles, their employers should be proud to have staff so dedicated to their own cultural enrichment.

Seriously though, there is a reason I blog so infrequently these days, and stuff like those two articles are why. Once I've read more Azuma I might come back with something, but until then they've nailed it. Absolutely.

Unknown said...

You can also tru reading, although its an academic paper it's still fairly interesting.

Anonymous said...
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